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Founded in 2016, Berlin Döner introduces unique food counters, specialized in the authentic homemade Döner Kebab sandwiches, wraps, and platters famed in Europe. Berlin Döner serves as a gateway to the most well-known street foods in Berlin. Bringing the authentic Mediterranean flavor, inspired and originally made by the Turkish Döner vendors in Berlin.


Döner Kebab, a hugely popular quick bite in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and other parts of Europe (and the world), were originally brought to Berlin in the late sixties by Turkish immigrants who decided to cater their home country’s kitchen to the busy lifestyles of the on-the-go Berliners by sandwich-ing their lunches.

There around 40,000 kebab shops across Germany, with Berlin leading the pack at 4,000, astonishingly more tha Turkey’s most populous city, Istanbul

Evolution Of Döner

Greeks Invented Gyros

Turks invented Döner

Arabs invented Shawarma

German Turks perfected Döner


The Berlin Döner is the best seller and our brand’s signature.
The fresh Turkish bread in combination with the tasty grilled chicken, fresh veggies and homemade sauces brings back the original Turkish-German flavor.



A must try for all the rice lovers! This Arabic-style rice platter will fulfil your needs (and stomach). Large portion including hummus, falafel, grilled chicken meat, fresh veggies, and pita bread.



These Greek Gyros inspired sandwiches and platters are usually only found at Greek restaurants. Get a taste of the Mediterranean flavor at Berlin Döner



One of the most loved Middle-Eastern food is the Pita Falafel sandwich. A warm Pita bread stuffed with crispy hot pieces of falafel balls and fresh veggies.


Alone or with a partner. Enjoy our Combo Deals and save $ with these bundle prices.


Contact us for larger orders for parties and gatherings.

What People Say

My favorite is the berlin doner & the durum. They come in super fresh yet yummy food in one grab to go. Always wanna go back at least twice a week 😅👌🏻👌🏻

Nindita K.

This is my first time here and I tried the original ‘berlin doner’ and it’s delicious. What makes it different is the turkish bread and the feta cheese makes it even yummier. A must-try!

Gatot S.

the food is great and i always eat here during my weekly visits. i see it as a healthy and also delicious alternatives to fast food.

Justin G.

The best Kebab I had in Jakarta. Isian dari kebabnya bersinar, roasted meatnya, veggie nya, friesnya. Saya dapat 2 jenis saus, keduanya enak, sepertinya yang 1 yogurt 1 garlic sauce, topppp… Kebabnya juga ternyata tidak bersauce, dipisah saucenya, rasa roasted meatnya n freshness dr sayurnya, buat saya sudah toppp.
Keep up the great taste Berlin Doner.

Christopher B.

Just love kebabs, especially Berlin Doner’s!

It is mouthwatering while watching the servers preparing our orders from that ubiquitous vertically rotating grilled meat at their counter! The pita bread wrap is quite good too. Reasonably priced.


I stumbled upon this place while in the area. I’ve had a Doner at Germany before, and seeing the bread made me curious.
The chicken meat was plentiful and was juicy. The vegetables are fresh (glad they kept it inside refrigerated container), and the sauce was actually flavorful. And the bread is probably the best aspect of them all. Warm, crusty, yet soft at the same time. Delish! This place will surely meet my patronage again in the future.

Gilang S.

THE MOST DELICIOUS DONER IN TOWN!!! ini enak sumpah, porsi nya juga banyak, ayam nya gurih² curry gitu, pita falafel nya juga enakk bangett!! Harga sebanding sama kenikmatannya!! toppppp

Shafia O.

The closest thing you can have to an European take on a Turkish kebab, have tried the box, the durum and the doner and it all reminds me of kebabs in the Europe

Portion wise they are quite big which is why it’s a bit pricey, but you won’t regret the taste you get from the perfectly grilled meat and the garlic-mayo sauce

10/10 would come again

Muhammad G.

Great job man…the doner is the best in jakarta cant wait to try other products..meat are done properly and taste delicious..definitely coming back again


Finally setelah beberapa tahun terkahir hanya makan Doner KW sekarang dapat yg asli dulu sering makan pas di Jerman….. Bahan2nya sangat fresh, fetanya kerasa banget, dagingnya juga banyak, rotinya garing pas, saos nya (garlic) pas banget.. Rada khawatir karena pesannya pake Gofood (sekitar 8 km) takut sudah benyek atau dingin ternyata masih fresh sampai di tangan…. Kalau ada pilihan lamb atau beef bisa aku kasih sampai 5*.. maaf gak sempet foto langsung sudah kalap pas sampai

Felix J.


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